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Sharing concept

I think sharing food is the authentic Mediterranean manner to have a party or a wedding and I love a good feast this way. Celebrating with lots of food, laughter, a few crazy details and sharing the grand moments in life.

So, to honour the authentic Mediterranean roots, I invite you to pass the platters around the tables and get the buzz started: “Hey, pass me that platter, how is it??… is there any lamb left? leave some for me!…

A Mediterranean Feast: 80+ guests 125€

(60-80 guests 130€, 40-60 guests 135€)


For more information regarding prices and what’s included,

please have a look below the menus.



Lil’ tasty bites perfect to have during the cocktail.

Please Choose 7 of our amazing canapés.

-Blini with smoked salmon, lemon crème fraiche and salmon roe.

-Delicious black figs with whipped goat’s cheese curd

and rosemary honey. (June-September) (V)

-Spicy chickpea and carrot fritters with lemon coriander yoghurt. (V)

-Crostini with superb roasted Tenderloin of beef and a caper-truffle dressing.

-Really tender marinated salmon on rye bread with a dill-mustard mayo.

-Superb slow roasted Spanish pork belly with apple/rosemary compote.

-Small Moroccan lamb kebabs with aromatic harissa yogurt.

-Crostini of crushed green peas, truffle oil and Parmesan. (V)

-Really crunchy squid with fresh chilli & lime mayonnaise.

-Crispy polenta fries with creamy Cabrales cheese, rosemary & sea salt. (V)

-Grilled Spanish paprika sausage with sweet caramelized onions.

-Tataki style roasted loin of tuna with a rustic Mediterranean vinaigrette.

-Small toast with foie gras and homemade green tomato chutney.


Professional ham carver cutting a really great ham in front of your guests, 350€

(A ham normally feeds around 80-110 guests)



An array of amazing starters served on tiered platters in the middle of the table, pls feel free to mix and match to

create your perfect tapas table! I would recommend that you start with our tower as a base and then add

2-3 other tapas to accompany.

We will always include our amazing grilled country-style bread topped with heirloom tomatoes,

the best olive oil and a touch of basil. (V)


The tower includes:

-The best Spanish cold cuts, chorizo, salchichón and cured lomo.

-Our favourite Sobrassada, a little bit spicy from Can Magí, on crispy crackers.

-Escalibada; grilled and chilled garden vegetables, dressed with

sherry vinegar, basil and Kalamata olives. (V)

-2 types of Manchego cheese in extra virgin olive oil and rosemary. (V)

-Mallorcan bitter olives, an acquired taste…. But they are good!

-Spice roasted almonds with lemon flavoured sea salt. (V)

Choose 2 to 3 additional tapas:

-Our homemade signature terrine with Iberian pork, toasted pistachios

and mixed wild mushrooms, served with apricot chutney.

-Steamed small mussels with lemon and parsley

– Bellota ham with Cantaloupe melon and mint

-Spanish Tortilla, eco eggs, caramelized onions and green peppers. (V)

-Really nice prawns straight from the grill with a saffron dressing.

-”Cazón en adobo” Marinated and fried rock salmon, Cadiz style with a lemon aioli.

-Yummy House made Croquetas de Jamón

-Grilled Octopus with a smoked paprika aioli

-Deep fried Padrón peppers, with lemon and chilli sea salt



Mains; Choose three,



-“Dorada a la Mallorquina”; The best fillet of Sea Bream, roasted almonds, cherry tomatoes, sultanas and loadsa herbs

-House smoked Salmon with punchy horseradish, caper and lemon mayo.

-Butter Poached fillet of Bacalao served on a stunning rustic ratatouille vinaigrette.

-Slowly baked, line caught Hake with clams in salsa verde



-Roasted Moroccan spiced, free range Chicken with coriander and lemon.

-Porchetta: Slow roasted Majorcan free-range pork belly rubbed with fennel seeds, rosemary and sea salt.

Served with its roasting jus reduced with red wine.

-Amazing grass-fed leg of Lamb from the Tramuntana with thyme,

rosemary and sweet garlic.

-Medium rare Roast beef with the perfect rosemary, garlic and honey glaze.

All meats are finished on-site over a wood burning fire.

Don’t forget to also choose 3 of these beautiful seasonal side dishes!

-Crispy summer slaw with Soller oranges and mint. (V)

-Wild rocket and baby green salad with our special honey – mustard dressing. (V)

-Crispy and delicious char grilled summer veggies. (V)

-The best scrubbed and boiled new potatoes from Sa Pobla

with capers, dill and lemon. (V)

-Classic French haricot verts with bacon and parsley.

-Rosemary grilled potatoes with garlic butter. (V)

-Wonderful Tabbouleh – Salad of cous cous, fresh herbs, citrus and nuts. (V)

-Salad of wild rocket, spinach, caramelized walnuts, pears with a

creamy Gorgonzola dressing. (V)

– Grilled green asparagus with fried breadcrumbs and tarragon dressing. (V)

To finish off in a grand style!

You’ll need 3 desserts

-The best brownie in the world; with white chocolate chips and peanuts!

-Mixed, perfect sun-ripened fruit with crunchy caramelized nuts, dark Choco sauce and crème fraiche (May-September).

-American vanilla and white chocolate cheesecake with strawberries

marinated with basil and sherry vinegar

-Light and refreshing red fruit and vanilla mousse with crispy pistachio crumble.

-Dark chocolate and lavender treat with passion fruit jelly and cacao crunch.

-Greek yogurt panna cotta with minestrone of tropical fruit and roasted nuts.

-Our take on Tiramisu; mascarpone mousse, caramelized

almond sponge and Kahlua/coffee sauce.

-“Berries and cream” (only in summer) Luscious red fruit terrine with white chocolate whip, dried & fresh berries and lemon curd.

-Raspberry and chocolate truffles.

-Our homemade Bailey’s and pistachio fudge.

-Artisan national cheese served with quince paste, rustic nut bread, grapes and celery.

Services included 2016-2017

Based on a minimum of 80 guests:

A Mediterranean Feast: 125€

(60-80 guests 130€, 40-60 guests 135€)





1 Hour of nibbles and welcome cocktails.

For every extra ½ h there’s a surcharge of 2€ p/p.


  • 7 types of nibbles of your choice.
  • Vermouth Casa Mariol.
  • Cava Jaume Serra Brut.
  • 1 Cava based cocktail of choice, for example:
    • Hugo with luscious elderflower liquor.
    • Classic Bellini with White Peach puré.
    • The Kir Royal with Crème de Cassis.
  • National beer.
  • White wine: La Meta Verdejo, Red wine: Pagos de Araiz.
  • Soft drinks and water.
  • 1 Flavoured water of choice served in jugs:
  • Cucumber/mint.
  • Lime/lemon.
  • Passion fruit.
  • Ice service, all necessary fruit, consumables and 2 types of juice.
  • Glass ware.




  • Dinner for 3h.

For every extra ½ h there’s a surcharge of 2€p/p.

  • 1 waiter per every 10-12 guests.
  • Rentals of choice from our catalogue: plates, cutlery glassware, napkins, tables, chairs, etc. Set up and clean up of all rentals.
  • White wine: La Meta Verdejo, Red wine: Pagos de Araiz.
  • National beer, soft drinks and water.
  • Coffees, teas and porrón filled with Moscatell (sweet wine).
  • Artisan bread with tomatoes and olive oil.
  • Ice service and consumables.
  • All necessary materials for the chefs and waiters to be able to fulfil their work.




Open Bar:

3 hours of open bar.


Bar front and back bar (back bar where possible!) in whitewashed reclaimed wood (non-lit). The bar can be covered in cloth purveyed by the clients and existing décor from the ceremony or the tables that’s not being used can be incorporated without any cost.


  • Vodka: Stolichnaya & Absolut.
  • Gin: Tanqueray & Seagram’s.
  • Rum: Brugal Añejo Superior & Havana Club 5 Años.
  • Whisky: J&B Whisky & Four Roses Tennessee Bourbon .
  • For an additional cost we can pimp the choice of spirits;-).


  • Soft drinks: Coca Cola, Coca Cola Light, Fanta Orange and Lemon, 7-up, Schweppes Tonic.
  • 1 Special cocktail such as; Mojito, Daiquiri, Cosmopolitan….
  • White wine: La Meta Verdejo, Red wine: Pagos de Araiz , National beer and Cava.
  • Ice service, all necessary fruit, consumables, water and of juice.
  • All necessary glassware.
  • Professional Bartenders.



Extras for the open bar.


Extra hour of open bar:


3€ p/p calculated on total amount of invited guests with a minimum of 150€ p/h.


Second simpler bar during the desserts, based on a minimum of 80 guests for approximately 1,5-2h: 200€.

This is very common, for example at Son Marroig in Deìa or Comassema in Orient.


Second full bar during the desserts, based on a minimum of 80 guests for approximately 1,5-2h: 500€.






Prices do not include 10% vat.


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