Frequently asked questions:

To help you understand this FAQ you’ll need a quick guide to the catering lingo…

Rentals = rentals are all furniture such as tables, chairs, chill-outs, garden furniture, tablecloths and napkins, etc.

Plates, glasses, cutlery, chargers, etc are also rentals but are also called tableware.


What’s included in the price?

Almost everything you’ll need…. And we mean it!

Our standard package offers high quality produce, a creative menu, nice staff to cook and serve it, a good selection of wines, lovely rentals (check above!), and basically all you will need except for personalized decorations.

This means that:

Flowers, candles and candleholders, printed menus, table plans, hats and fans, etc, lighting solutions, music and musicians, photographers (though if you click here you’ll get straight to the best on the island!) are not included.

Although what we offer is already pretty darn neat, if you want something specific that you can’t find in our catalogue upgrades are, of course, available.


So, what do you really include?

We include:

  • Food, drinks & ice for the whole event (drinks are all you can drink, so there’s no “maximum 2 bottles per person” policy).
    • Whole event meaning that we bring food, drinks & ice for:
      • During Canapés
      • During the Dinner Service
      • During the 3hours of Open Bar
    • Chefs and waiters (1 waiter per every 10-12 guests)
    • Tables, a couple of bistro tables, chairs for dinner, table cloths, napkins, plates, cutlery, glassware, coffee and tea service (yes, sugar & milk too), 1 bar with all necessary equipment.


What does a set up look like?

You can find a few examples on my website under “setup”. I will try to update this as often I can, so you can get inspiration and ideas.


When do you deliver and pick up all rentals, etc?

We normally deliver the same day in the morning but if there’s space to store the rentals and the circumstances require we can also deliver a few days before the event. Pick up will take place on the following day unless for events that takes place on a Saturday where pick up will be on the following Monday.

If it’s necessary to pick up rentals on a Sunday or on the same evening as the event, a supplement will be charged according to current rates


When do you come and set up?

We start early in the morning (although sometimes we start the day before), to set up tables, chairs, the bars and all the rest so the florists and decorators can fulfil their work without having to wait for us to do their part.


When do you start the break down of rentals?

After dinner as your guests enjoy the disco. We always recommend that you use all the possible amazing spaces available at your venue. This means, for example, cocktail in the front terrace, dinner on the grass, and maybe the bar around the pool. This not only gets your guests fully entertained but it also gives us the possibility to clear out areas without interfering with the ambiance.


What happens if you can’t break down right after dinner?

(Logistics doesn’t allow this or for other reasons…)

We may have to apply an extra charge because we have to come back either the next day or we’ll have to wait until the party is over


Can I choose different styles of tableware?

Yes, in our catalogue you will find a good variety of options for your party, if you still need more choice, please do not hesitate in contacting us.


Can I have square tables instead of round ones?

Yes, you can have basically any shape of table, the 3 standard types that are included in the standard price are:

  • Round where there’s 3 different sizes available: ø 140 cm 6-8 pax, ø 180 cm 8-10 pax and ø 200cm for 10-12 guests
  • Square (almost) with the measurement of 200x180cm, this table seats 10 pax.
  • Imperial (one big table for everybody). This table is 110cm wide and as long as you’ll need to seat everybody. Pls calculate at least 60-70 cm p/p.

For any other shape pls ask for a quote


Do you bring fridges for the drinks?

No, we bring big buckets, fill them with ice and chill all the drinks this way.


Will you use the existing kitchen at the venue?

No, normally we don’t use the existing kitchens of your venue but instead we bring our own kitchens that we we are used to work with and are built on purpose for this.


What will the waiters wear?

The waiters will wear really cool gingham shirts, red for the girls and blue for the boys, dark jeans and a dark apron.


And the chefs?

The chefs will wear nice short-sleeved chef jackets and a black apron.


Can we have an open kitchen/showcooking?

We love to cook on our barbecues in front of your guests (and they love to watch!). So if you want, we will set up close to the dinner area, and of course, your uncle James can come over and give us a few tips and tricks on how to get the meat really tender;-)


Will I have ice on the event?

Yes, we bring both crushed and whole ice cubes so not to worry, there will be plenty!


Can I bring my own drinks?

No. Well, that’s almost true..

If your goal is to save money this way, trust me when I say that in the end you hardly ever do. And I’m sure that you don’t want to haul around heavy crates of beer and wine in the middle of the Mallorcan summer on your wedding day. If the case is, that a family member or a dear friend actually has a wine yard or something similar, by all means, let us talk about it and see what we can do.


Can I have a late night snack?

Yes, of course! Please have a look at the menu below:


When your guests have been dancing and gotten their drink on for a few hours it’s always nice to have something to nibble on. Please choose one.

  • Bacon, cheese and Dijon mayo sandwich.
  • Typical Mallorcan Coca de Trampò.
  • Seasonal fresh fruit.
  • Smoked chicken burrito with a tomato relish.
  • BBQ Pork Slider, Smoked pork shoulder with a spicy coleslaw.

Price: 4€ p/p.


Can my guests have a welcome drink before the ceremony?

Yes they can!

We can arrange everything from a humble glass of flavoured water to a complete market stand with old-school water dispensers, lemons, champagne etc, etc. Please ask for a quote.



I can’t find your phone number on your website, why?

To be as honest as possible, I am not a phone person. But beyond that, I am usually between pots and pans and unable to attend phone calls. So I’d rather you send me a detailed e-mail and I will answer as soon as I can.



Will you personally attend our event?

I try to be at all events, unfortunately due to that the season is short and we do multiple events on weekends it might be that I’m unable to attend your event. Do not despair though! I have an amazing team working their butts off to make your day absolutely incredible!







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