Dear cooks, hard-core kitchen aficionados, front of house staff and jacks-of-all-trades.


We’re seeking to fill several positions (both in the core team and extras) for the upcoming 2018 season at The Cutting Edge


Education, intelligence and creativity can take many forms; we know this from looking at our own current staff. If you don’t have a degree from a fancy cooking school or a PhD, don’t think that hurts your chances (If you do have a degree or a PhD that doesn’t hurt your chances either). Currently we have a painter, a few carpenters and a CFO working together with fully trained professionals at The Cutting Edge

This is an unusual opportunity for an unusual individual, and with it, comes a whole world of possibilities.


We promise you that you will have serious fun, that you will learn and grow a lot, that it’s going to be hard and that you will push your limits every week until you discover that what you can do, is so much more than what your mum told you could!

You will be a part of what we consider to be one of the best teams on the island; a team that constantly pushes it’s creativity & standards, never resting satisfied on yesterday’s success. You will make friends for life!


For us a great attitude, flexibility and adaptability is paramount! We can train and teach you almost everything else but if you do no have the right attitude towards working together and a profound sense of team spirit, you will most likely not fit in.


If you are afraid of hard work and warm summers (I mean really warm summers…), don’t apply, and if you are going to complain about how warm it is in Mallorca in summer, don’t apply.


General outlines for all positions:


Most positions are to be started 1/4/2018 and finish 1/11/2018. However, we are currently working on some very interesting future projects starting September/October 2018 and we will need staff for this to!


  • Valid “carnet de manipulador”
  • We can somewhat help with paperwork but you need to be legally fit to work in Spain.


  • Competitive monthly pay with bonus potential.
  • 1 free meal per shift + soft drinks.
  • We can help you to find somewhere to stay if don’t live in Mallorca.
  • 1-2 days off per week determined on a weekly basis.


How to apply:


Please read carefully the introduction and the job description you are interested in, most frequently asked questions are answered here. Send us an email to with your CV in Word or PDF format, a short (or long) description of yourself and if you feel like it, also a photo! That’s it; we’ll be in touch as soon as we can if we have more questions.



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